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Finding Quality Child Care

Smart Solutions Toolkit - Order Now Buy Now View Toolkit Content Image Map This section is filled with helpful tools to assess your options and find, hire and communicate with a top-notch child care provider or nanny.

One of the greatest challenges working mothers face is finding quality child care. Let the Smart Solutions Toolkit help you determine what child care option is right for you and your baby.

Finding Quality Childcare Section: Part of the Smart Solution Toolkit

Assessing Your Child Care Needs Chart

Finding quality child care starts by knowing what child care options exist and learning about which option is right for you and your baby. Review the pros and cons of each child care option, including child care centers, family home care, nanny/in-home child care and relative care.

assessing your child care needs chart


nanny interviewing formChild Care Provider Interviewing Form and Nanny Interviewing Form

Use our thought-provoking and revealing questions that guide you through the interview process.




Child Care Reference Check formChild Care Reference Check Form

Once a potential child care provider is interviewed be thorough by checking previous employment history and references using our Child Care Reference Check Form.



assessing your child care needs chartDaily Baby Log Tear-Off Pad

This 5x5 x 8.5 tear-off pad contains 75 forms for new moms to have filled out by their child care provider on a daily basis. This tool helps new moms stay informed about what their baby is doing while they are at work. Child care providers can track baby’s nap times, bottles, food, diaper changes and milestones on this beautifully designed pad.

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The Smart Solutions Toolkit will help take the stress and worry out of hiring the right child care provider by providing detailed and thorough Child Care Interviewing Forms, Nanny Interviewing Forms and a Reference Check Questionnaire.

Once you have hired a child care provider, you need to stay informed about what your baby is doing while you’re at work. The Smart Solutions Toolkit provides a Daily Baby Log Pad for your child care provider to complete. By using the Daily Log, your child care provider will keep you updated on your baby’s nap times, bottles, diaper changes, milestones, etc. This tool not only keeps you aware of your baby’s daily feeding and napping schedule but can also be helpful if your child gets sick. By reviewing past Daily Log forms, moms can supply healthcare providers with important information about changes in baby’s food/bottle intake, sleeping habits, bowel movements, etc. This log can also be helpful if your child develops a food allergy. When a food allergy is suspected, pediatricians often ask parents to track food history to help identify which food your baby is sensitive to.

How and Why Was This Section Created?

child careWhen asked, mommypreneur Danielle Novi Heller states that each product found in her Smart Solutions Toolkit was organically developed by personal challenges she faced when returning to work after pregnancy. In her goal to help other working moms be prepared, organized and achieve work life balance, Danielle discusses why this section is so important for other moms like her.

“In my professional career I have hired and fired many employees. While I thought I had a strong basis for hiring the right staff person for a particular position, my years of training and experience gave me little comfort when I set out to hire my daughter's daycare provider.

Never before had my choice been so crucial. Would my baby be safe? Would she be loved and emotionally nourished? Would her mind be stimulated and her needs met? Would she be exposed to attitudes and responses that were consistent with mine? What environment would be best for her?

If I hired the wrong person or organization, it would affect more than the company's bottom-line or project completion.... If this job was not done right, it was my daughter's safety, well-being and development at stake. That’s when I realized that I had to use both my personal and business skills in the search process. I developed uniform and detailed interviewing forms and reference check forms to build a strong and consistent structure to guide my hiring process. Once I hire the right child care provider I found that I needed to stay informed about what my baby was doing when I was not there. I also wanted to keep my daughter on the same schedule that the child care provider had her on. That is why I created the Daily Baby Log. This log also helped me identify early food allergies in my daughter by tracking the foods she ate when she first started eating solid foods.

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