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Mom Organizers and Planners

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If you thought getting to work was tough before having children, now add packing a diaper bag, prepping dinner, getting two of you dressed, filling bottles, nursing/pumping/feeding, changing diapers, etc. Mornings and evenings just got a little trickier. But Smart Solutions Toolkit will make it easier for you to enjoy smoother mornings and calmer evenings with these ready-to-use mom organizers and planners for mom.

Become Organized!

Mom Organizers and Planners Section: Part of the Smart Solutions Toolkit

Menu PlannerMenu Planner with Detachable Shopping Lists

This 5.5 x 8.5 dry erase menu planner board with detachable paper shopping lists helps moms organize weekly meals, eat healthier, stick to a budget and find extra time.


Don't Leave Without Door Knob Hanger“Don’t Leave Without…” Door Knob Hanger

This handy dandy mommybrain buster will ensure you don’t forget anything at home again. This convenient dry-erase board hangs on your front door to remind you of all the items you don’t want to forget (diaper bag, bottles, favorite toy, keys, dry cleaning, cell phone, etc).


Weekly Clothing PlannerWeekly Clothing Planner

This planner for moms helps to save time in the morning by planning outfits ahead of time. Always look professional and pulled together when time is of the essence.


New Moms and Organization- The True Secret To Success

While almost everyone can benefit from being more organized, for new mothers this learned skill can become an essential factor for successfully achieving work life balance. Preparation and organization are two critical elements in helping expectant mothers and new working mothers become more efficient and effective in their dual roles.

For many women, especially busy moms, finding time is nearly impossible. Below are some helpful tips from Danielle Novi Heller, the creator of the Smart Solutions Toolkit for Working Mothers, to help you become organized .

Tip 1: Designate a Weekly Preparation Day

Utilize a set time once a week (like on Sundays) as weekly preparation time. This is when the majority of organization and preparation for the 7 days ahead should take place. Plan your schedule, review your calendar/planners, determining meals for the week, organize who will be responsible for what tasks, etc.

Tip 2: Meal Planning

Use the Weekly Meal Planner found in the Smart Solutions Toolkit, to determine what the meals will be for the upcoming week. Decide who will be responsible for preparing each meal and create a shopping list based on the menu for the week. This will not only allows you to save time, but money as well. Planning meals also helps families eat healthier. It’s often the rushed, last minute meals that are the unhealthiest. Clear off a shelf in your dry goods cabinet and designate it as your weekly meal preparation shelf. Use that shelf to organize the dry goods for the week’s upcoming lunches, snacks and dinners. You can pre-measure dry goods (like rice) for dinner and individually package baby’s dry good snacks. Then when packing lunches in the morning, all you have to do is gather the refrigerator items. Cooking dinner also takes much less time with pre-measured ingredients that are ready to go.

Tip 3: Preselect Outfits for the Week

For many women getting dressed in the morning not only can be challenging, but also a huge time stealer. Be organized and decrease your morning stress by utilizing the Weekly Clothing Planner. After reviewing what meetings you have scheduled for the week and the weekly projected weather forecast, simply jot down what outfits you will wear each day of the upcoming week. This organizational technique can be used for planning your baby or children’s clothes for the week as well. Many parents report getting their younger children dressed in the morning as a major source of conflict. Decrease your stress by planning ahead. Use Days of the Week Labeled Shelves to organize each outfit your child will wear for the upcoming week. For older children that want to show their personal sense of style, allow them a designated number of days during the school week to plan their outfit (as long as their choice is weather and policy appropriate). Another option to decrease morning clothing arguments is to lay out the outfits for the week and allow your son or daughter to decide which day they will wear each outfit.

Tip 4: Don’t Trust Your Mommybrain

During pregnancy and after the baby is born, it seems impossible to remember anything. Mommybrain is real. Become organized by filling out the “Don’t Leave Without…” Door Knob Hanger dry-erase reminder board. Every evening list all the items that you will need to remember for the next day. This way you will never leave home again with the diaper bag on the table, the breastmilk bottles in the fridge and your ipad on the charger.

pregnant cookHow and Why Was This Section Created?

When asked, mommypreneur Danielle Novi Heller states that each product found in her Smart Solutions Toolkit was organically developed by personal challenges she faced when returning to work after pregnancy. In her goal to help other working moms get prepared, become organized and achieve work life balance, Danielle discusses why this section is so important for other moms like her.

“I use to think I was fairly organized until I had my daughters. Then I realized it was not just one life I had to organize, it was two. Mornings seemed so rushed and disorganized and my evenings seemed just as chaotic. I needed help and I could not rely on my mommybrain to assist me. That is why I created the Mom Organizers and Planners Section of the Smart Solutions Toolkit.

I didn’t want to provide other moms with long lengthy how-to books, I wanted to provide them with quick and ready-to-use tools to help them be organized and ultimately achieve work life balance."

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