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Maternity Leave and Returning to Work

Smart Solutions Toolkit - Order Now Buy Now View Toolkit Content Image Map Are you prepared for the changes you will face in the coming months? Do you have a plan for maternity? Are you prepared to return to work after pregnancy?

There are many resources available to help women prepare for motherhood. However, there is very little help when it comes to preparing professional career women for maternity leave and how to return to work after pregnancy. Moms are bombarded with information about safety-proofing their house, what they need for the baby’s room, what foods to avoid during pregnancy, what changes their body will going through on a daily basis and much more. Yet there seems to be little help or mention of how to prepare to be a WORKING MOTHER. Most women have no idea how to plan for maternity leave and how to gracefully transition back to work after baby.

The Toolkit's guides, tips and templates will help you professionally plan for maternity leave and returning to work after having your baby.

Maternity Leave and Returning to Work Section : Part of the Smart Solutions Toolkit

maternity leave plan guideMaternity Leave Plan Guide

Month-by-month guide that helps you professionally plan for your maternity leave. The plan includes how to tell your boss that you are pregnant, dealing with pregnancy symptoms at work, budgeting for maternity leave, when to start negotiating and setting up and alternative work schedule, securing your job when on maternity leave, and much more.


returning to work guideReturning to Work after Baby Guide

A Guide to help you professionally prepare to return to work after pregnancy. This guide breaks your maternity leave into 3 sections. Each section is filled with tips and information for what new mothers should do during their maternity leave time to prepare to gracefully transition back to work after baby. This guide also includes a separate section for moms who want to continue to breastfeed at work.


post pregnancy clothing tipsLook Great After Pregnancy Tips

Use our Post Pregnancy Clothing Crisis Solutions for tips on how you can look and feel great while battling the challenges of a post-pregnancy figure. Return to work after pregnancy looking professional and pulled together!


maternity leave confirmationMaternity Leave Confirmation Memo Template

After you and your employer have determined if you qualify for Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), when you plan on taking maternity leave, and whether your employer will be paying you for your time off, put it in writing and document your maternity leave agreement using our customizable Maternity Leave Confirmation Memo Template.


breast milk pumping spaceBreast Milk Pumping Space Proposal

Working mothers who will be returning to workplaces that do not provide adequate breast milk/ expressing milk pumping space can use our customizable Breast Milk Pumping Space Proposal to create their case for why their employer should support breastfeeding at work. The proposal provides the necessary information to request an adequate breast milk pumping/expressing space.

child careMoms spend 9 months preparing for the birth of their baby yet never prepare themselves for what will come next. Many moms don’t develop a plan for maternity leave, never prepare to return to work after pregnancy and just try to “kinda figure things out” as they come up. That alone is why so many moms find balancing work and family life so HARD. While moms often prepare for the expected, many unpredicted and unplanned challenges exist when returning to work after pregnancy.

Do not use the “wait and see” approach. Get ready, get prepared, get a plan and get help by using our Smart Solutions Toolkit for Working Mothers. This will not just benefit you and your employer, but most of all - your baby.

Get all these tools and more today!

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