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Child Emergency Information

Smart Solutions Toolkit - Order Now Buy Now View Toolkit Content Image Map If something were to happen, would you know what to do? Get trained, get prepared and then use the Smart Solutions Infant Choking and CPR Magnet as an at-a-glance reminder of what to do in case of emergency. Get peace of mind by sticking this lifesaving magnet to your refrigerator.

Prevent medical mistakes by keeping an updated list of your child’s vaccinations and health records. Use the Smart Solutions Toolkit’s wallet-size foldable Health and Immunization card to record important medical information. Included is a section for parents to track vaccination lot numbers (in case of a vaccination recall), allergies, and growth information.

Where did I put that number? Keep important numbers visible and easy to access, from your personal contact information for babysitters to local emergency numbers and contacts.

Child Emergency Information Section: Part of the Smart Solutions Toolkit

Infant Choking and CPR MagnetBaby Choking and Infant CPR Magnet

This 5.5 x 8.5 magnet features easy to understand baby choking and infant CPR instructions and illustration. Either stick your magnet on the fridge or use the optional hanger provided to post it on your wall so all baby choking and infant CPR instructions are only a glance away. Be prepared for a child emergency.



child immunization cardVaccination Schedule and Immunization Record Card

This wallet-sized card tracks your child’s vaccination schedule and records their immunizations along with other child health information that can help prevent medical mistakes. This vaccination schedule record card also features a special vaccination lot number column that can help you determine if your baby has been given a recalled vaccination.

Important Telephone Numbers Flip CardImportant Child Emergency Numbers Flip Card

This 4.25" x 6" emergency number card conveniently posts emergency contact information that can be easily found by you or your babysitter in the case of a child emergency. The Child Emergency Numbers Flip Card comes with either a magnet backing to stick to your refrigerator or an optional wall hanger.



Help! I Don’t Know What to Do

If something were to happen, would you know what to do? Get trained, get prepared and use our child emergency information tools to help you prepare for baby.

Preparing for baby is not easy, but while safety-proofing your house and stocking the baby’s medicine cabinet, don’t forget about being prepared for child emergencies.

Get peace of mind, prevent medical mistakes and be prepared by using our Child Emergency Information Tools.

How and Why Was This Section Created?

childWhen asked, mommypreneur Danielle Novi Heller states that each product found in her Smart Solutions Toolkit was organically developed by personal challenges she faced when returning to work after pregnancy. In her goal to help other working moms be prepared, organized and achieve work life balance, Danielle discusses why this section is so important for other moms like her.

"The Child Emergency Information Section was one of the first sections I completed in my Smart Solutions Toolkit. I completed these child emergency tools first because I desperately needed the products myself. I had always been the type of person that worried, but after the birth of my daughters I became a bona-fide worrywart. When my daughter was 7 months old and started solid foods, we had our own child emergency when she choked. I had taken the baby choking and CPR training like many parents, yet when she choked, my mind went blank. Thank goodness my daughter was okay. After that child emergency scare, I had wished I had that big obnoxious choking illustration poster that all restaurants are mandated to display hanging within my own kitchen as a reminder of what to do if she ever choked again. Realizing a huge baby choking poster would not go well with our Victorian designed kitchen, I created a smaller at-a-glance baby choking and CPR magnet that could be displayed on my fridge or on my corkboard located by the phone.

The Vaccination Schedule and Immunization Record Card was also created by a personal child emergency that I experienced. When my daughter was just a year old, one of her doctors tried giving her the wrong vaccination. As a mom, I prevented a medical mistake by double checking my own records to the doctor’s records. I realized that the best way to decrease my fear and worry was to be prepared."

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