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About Us

Danielle HellerThe creator of the Smart Solutions Toolkits is a mother of two and both founder and CEO of Working Family Solutions, Inc.

“I started developing the Smart Solutions Toolkit after the birth of my first daughter, when the challenges of returning to work overwhelmed me. I was not prepared for the difficult transition to working mom. I needed to be more efficient and effective both at work and at home, yet there was little help out there. So as I struggled in my dual roles, I started to create what I needed. With input from other working mothers as well as professional sources, I developed ready-to-use tools that helped me maximize both my family life and my work life. With these resources, I remained a highly productive employee and was also able to decrease my stress level, which ultimately made me a better mother. Now Working Family Solutions, Inc. is here to help you as you go through this transition.

I welcome all working parents and parents-to-be to email me with their stories and ideas to make this kit and future kits even more useful. I look forward to hearing from you.”

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