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Achieve Work-Life Balance!

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smart solutions toolkit

19 tools, templates, guides and tips to help expectant mothers and new moms plan for maternity leave, return to work after pregnancy and balance work and family.

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Inside The Toolkit for Working Mothers:

  • Menu Planner with Detachable Shopping List
  • Weekly Clothing Planner
  • Don't Leave Home Without  Reminder Board
  • Planning for Maternity Leave Guide
  • Returning to Work After Pregnancy Guide
  • Maternity Leave Confirmation Memo
  • How to Look Great After Pregnancy Tips
  • Baby Choking and CPR Instructions Magnet
  • Vaccination Schedule Record Card
  • Child Emergency Number Card
  • Child Care Options Chart
  • Nanny Interviewing Form
  • Child Care/Day Care Interviewing Form
  • Child Care Reference Check Form
  • Daily Baby Log Tear-Off Pad
  • Breast Milk Pumping Space Proposal
  • Alternative Work Schedule Preparation Worksheet
  • Alternative Work Schedule Template
  • Alternative Work Schedule Agreement Memo
  • Learn More About What's Inside!

The Smart Solutions Toolkit for Working Mothers is a brand new product that is quickly becoming the must-have baby shower gift for expectant mothers. The creator, a mommypreneur of two young daughters, used her personal experience, coupled with her extensive research to provide new mothers and expectant mothers with tools, templates and practical advice, that will help them achieve work life balance.

The 19 products found in the Smart Solutions Toolkit fall into six categories: Mom Organizers & Planners, Maternity Leave & Returning to Work, Finding Quality Child Care, Alternative Work Schedules, Child Emergency Information, and Breast feeding at Work. What’s unique about this baby shower gift and new mommy gift is that Danielle utilized the concept of one-stop shopping to create one comprehensive kit that delivers everything a working mother needs to balance work and family. Each toolkit has specific products like “how-to” planners, magnets that reveal what to do in case of a child emergency, mom organizers along with practical advice on everything from breast feeding at work to finding qualified child care.




See “Smart Solutions for Stressed Out Moms,” December 13, 2010 issue of Hudson Valley Business Journal: Theresa Keegan's interview with Danielle Novi Heller. “Right from the beginning of the pregnancy, for a working mom, preparation is the key,” said Novi Heller. Read more...

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Toolkit Highlights:

Child Care: Helpful tools to assess options, and find, hire and communicate with a quality child care provider/nanny.

Working Mother Preparation: Guides, tips and templates to help professionally prepare for maternity leave and work re-entry.

Organization Tools: Enjoy smoother mornings and calmer evenings with these ready-to-use tools, including a menu and a clothing planner.

Health and Safety: Life saving tools, from a choking and CPR magnet to an immunization card.

Alternative Work Schedule: Convenient worksheets and templates help working mothers prepare for and negotiate an alternative work schedule, including part-time, telecommuting, compressed work week, or other options. Everything a working mom needs to know to make it happen.

And Much, Much More!

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